Boating Equipment



The Parker Marine Group also bring you Anchorlift, the complete windlass system. Anchorlift windlasses and windlass accessories like Bow rollers, anchor turners, swivels, etc,  are made with the highest quality materials.

The Parker Marine Group have more than 2 generations of experience distributing windlass systems and windlass accessories for the marine industry. From small boats to super yachts and from sailboats to power boats, Anchorlift has a variety of windlass system solutions for your boating needs.

All Anchorlift windlasses are covered by a 5 Year Warranty, so you know you’re getting quality.

Anchorlift New Zealand Windlss system

Copper- Boost

Q. What did all the old sailing ships sheath their hulls in?

A. Copper

Copper-Boost is 100% PURE Copper powder.

Use the Copper-Boost additive and say Cu Barnacles.


This is not Cuprous Oxide "Cu2O" which is used by manufacturers of antifoul.

This is 100% PURE Copper.


1 x 500g pack/4ltr tin of antifouling is all you need.

Can be added to ablative or hard, solvent or water based antifouling



Delta "T" Systems is the world leader in marine engine room ventilation systems.  Originally established in 1992, the company was born out of a critical need to provide a reliable supply of clean, dry, salt-free air to the engine rooms of commercial vessels, pleasure yachts, and U.S. Military vessels, as well as the off-shore oil and gas industry.  NZMDL are proud to present their range to you. 

Delta T Systems New Zealand


EasyMoor is a product designed by boaters, for boaters to simplify picking up a mooring. It works with a simple in and out motion and there is no ‘stabbing motion’, no strings to pull, nothing to cock, arm or latch. EasyMoor attaches to standard threaded extension poles available at home improvement stores and works with any size mooring line and is suitable for boats up to 50 feet. EasyMoor works with rings or eyes on most commonly used mooring buoys.

EasyMoor New Zealand


NZMDL are proud to bring you Entel. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel brings exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its professional radio communications equipment, so that users can communicate with confidence across land–based and marine applications.



Fauxdeck is Parker Marine Group’s wonderful range of hard wearing, soft to walk on, self adhesive faux teak decking system. It is incredibly easy to use and fit to your boat and the completed job looks fantastic. There is a range of patterns and colours, but the traditional teak and black caulking look remains the favourite of most boat owners.



Marine Radios


From the largest commercial vessels to the smallest weekend runabouts, and everything in-between, New Zealand Marine Distribution provides the world's leading marine VHF communications products to suit any type of situation on the water. 

We specialise in providing the latest radio equipment for boat builders, vessel owners, government departments as well as the weekend boaties and boating enthusiasts. Icom's equipment includes long range, ship-to-shore, side band transceivers for worldwide communications from shipboard operations, as well as short range VHF communications equipment. Icom have also developed state-of-the-art communications equipment to suit the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).


Icom is the supplier of choice for the New Zealand Navy and Coastguard to provide a range of marine VHF radio products that are unsurpassed for quality, excellence and reliability.

Leading the way in marine radio innovation

Icom is proud to be the manufacturers of the world's first floating VHF radio (IC-M33) and also to have won numerous awards for its marine VHF handheld radios, as decided and voted by the marine dealers Independent Dealer Association - NMEA. These highly coveted awards reflect the industry's confidence in Icom's marine VHF technology and quality and its position as the leader in simple, dependable worldwide communications for air, land and sea.

Services & Warranty

New Zealand Marine Distributions Service Department provides repair and maintenance for all Icom products. Replacement parts, service and instruction manuals can also be ordered through New Zealand Marine Distribution. Contact or call us on +64 9 437 7051 or call Mike on +64 275 504 140.


Non-Warranty Repair

Should you have purchased your Icom radio without a warranty, we can still provide a quote to repair your equipment. Please email us - or call us on +64 9 437 7051.


'Back to Base' Warranty

Any product purchased from New Zealand Marine Distribution comes with a 'Back to Base' Warranty which will provide you with a full back-up service in New Zealand and enable you to return your Icom radio for repairs, free of charge. 

Icom Radios in NZ

Fixed Mount Radios

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HF Radios

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AIS Receivers / Navigation

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Irvine Flooring has 30 years proven experience in the New Zealand flooring market and have specialist carpets and floor coverings designed specifically for the marine industry. The Parker Marine Group stand by their products, and pride ourselves on the innovation and quality that we are able to bring to the marine market every day.

New styles, designs, constructions and colours are continually being added to an already impressive range. This is complemented by our in-house designers whose striking creations bring to life brands and create unique marine environments.

The Parker Marine Group’s innovative attitude, technical excellence, and ground-breaking products are backed by a willingness to work closely with our clients locally and internationally.

We’re ready to respond to your needs around the country.

We have substantial stock available, which means your requirements can be addressed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Parker Marine Group are committed to environmental sustainability, making a conscious effort to support flooring companies that have their own comprehensive environmental policies.



INNATURE, are a team of experienced craftsmen who love to work together, and who care for the health of people and of our planet and this philosophy resonates with that of New Zealand Marine Distribution  


Boat Mattresses-Pure Comfort-Pure Rest


Looking for an extra level of comfort below the deck? Look no further!!

Parker Marine Group bring you the ultimate sleep while afloat.

Latex or Coco Latex mattresses gently conform to every contour of your body, providing optimal support and pressure relief. Every mattress is hypo-allergenic and mildew-proof. Even in the most humid marine environments, these mattresses are highly resistant to bacterial growth. They feature a breathable 100% Natural Latex Dunlop pin core construction, fold for easy installation, and are offered in a variety of lengths and firmness to accommodate your needs.


Parker Marine Group know we all love all the comforts of home while on board – then agood night’s sleep after a day of sailing, fishing or exploring is essential.

Parker Marine Group can provide a 100% Natural mattress in many shapes and varieties of firmness, thickness and size.

Mattresses can be made to suit V-Berths, rounded end island beds and odd shaped cut outs.

One thing to remember with your boat is the access door to the bedroom. Many mattresses have to be split in half to get through the access door; your mattress can be made with a zip to join the two together once on the bed, if necessary. When you are ready to order a made to measure mattress just take your measurements and give us a call. If you are replacing an existing mattress, measure the mattress rather than the area it fits into, so you get the perfect fit. If you are measuring the base, remember to allow a couple of extra centimetres to tuck in sheets and blankets.

If you are unsure about taking measurements, give us a call and we can provide some helpful tips or if your boat is located in Auckland, we can come out and make all needed templates. For difficult cut outs you are also welcome to send us a template and we will make to order.

The final choice to make, is what comfort level you prefer. We have Firm, Medium Firm, Medium Soft or Soft (yet supportive) and mattress protectors available.

We use natural but moisture resistant materials such as Natural Latex and Coco fibre rubberised with Latex.

We also make 100% Organic cotton bedding to fit the mattresses, and Coconut fibre core under mattresses mats to ensure good air circulation.

We make your mattress to your requirements by combining different Natural Materials: Coco Fibre core and Natural Latex.



Kaiwaka Clothing by Parker Marine Group.

New Zealand made, quality wet weather gear made by kiwi's for kiwi's!!

Founded in 1975, the Kaiwaka Clothing Company has grown into the leading supplier of high-performance wet weather products for the marine industry in New Zealand and should be you first choice provider.

Kaiwaka brings six generations of first-hand experience of the need for the toughness and weather tightness needed for rugged outdoor clothing. Their no-nonsense approach to design and manufacturing, will keep you warm and dry in the harshest marine environment.

Based in the rural town of Kaiwaka, north of Auckland, the company is committed to manufacturing in New Zealand where it can keep a close eye on the quality of workmanship and materials and ensure that its own values of integrity and honesty are maintained, while rewarding your investment with outstanding NZ quality and longevity. This focus on quality and performance has enabled Kaiwaka Clothing to become the No 1 supplier of quality wet weather garments to the Marine sector in New Zealand and the

Parker Marine Group is proud to be associated with them.

Contact us today and we'll work with you to ensure you are supplied with the correct clothing for your  specific needs.

Kaiwaka clothing




Stainless DownUnder and Kiwi Clousers manufacture the finest polished stainless steel and aluminim doors, windows, hatches, locker doors, louvers and hardware for yatch and super yatchs. The synergy between the two companies bring over fifty years of combined experience serving the yacht building sector.

Stainless Downunder and kiwi closures


Flushing your boat’s outboard has never been easier. Parker Marine Group bring you "Kiwi Flush"

made by Kiwis for Kiwis. Simply unpack and remove the Kiwi Flush from its carry bag. Slide under your outboard and stand it up. The snap ring sewn into the top seam will hold its shape, while you use the straps to secure the Kiwi Flush in position. Put this link into your web browser. and watch the demonstration video.

Please call the Parker Marine Group on 09 4377051 or email us at



Lancer inflatable boats

The World's Leading Inflatable Boats

Lancer have been making inflatable boats longer than anyone else in the southern hemisphere and with experience comes expertise. The Lancer story began in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1971. Founded by an industrial designer, Lancer took a high-tech approach to the business of building inflatable boats.


Driven by the desire to expand our range of products, New Zealand Marine Distribution was eager to partner with the country's leading inflatable boat builder/innovator. Lancer won industrial design awards for its range of deep-v inflatable boats in the 1980s. It also succeeded in gaining contracts in the defence sector. In 1989 it became the first company outside Europe to win SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) certification for manufacturing rescue boats. In the same year it built the world’s largest RIB – a 17-metre rigid inflatable boat. This record has since been bettered on two further occasions by Lancer.


Currently, Lancer holds the record for the world’s largest multi-hull tube.


In addition to manufacturing its own water craft, Lancer works closely with naval architects and boat-building companies to supply the world-class inflatable components their designs call for. N Z Marine Distribution is proud to call itself one of these partners. Innovation is ingrained and quality is paramount. In 1983, Lancer became the first inflatable boat manufacturer in the world to offer a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship for hypalon leisure boats.

New Zealand Marine Distribution is proud of the fact that the Lancer range encompasses everything from inflatable boats for super yachts to oil pollution recovery barges. In addition to manufacturing its own water craft and inflatable collars, Lancer works closely with naval architects and boat-builders.

Lancer inflatable boats and RIBs start at 2.3 metres. Our inflatable range offers models up to 6 metres. The RIB range encompasses models up to 14 metres, and longer for custom projects.

Building partnerships with the world’s leading boat yards

If you are developing your own vessel, New Zealand Marine Distribution in conjunction with Lancer offers a full service for bespoke design. We are leaders in this field and have the capability to manufacture custom RIBs. This has led to four world records for the largest monohull and catamaran RIB.

New Zealand Marine Distribution is a privately owned company that builds strong relationships with its customers. Innovation is ingrained and quality is paramount.


The anytime, anywhere Bath in a Bag eliminates the need for
water or soap, so you can stay fresh and clean while you’re outdoors enjoying
the things you love. An absolute must-have for anyone who loves camping,
boating, fishing, hiking or any outdoor activity for that matter.

PMG LeisureBath wipes are useful in emergency situations or when your
deodorant just can’t keep up with you. They allow skin to dry quickly with no
sticky residue, and will leave you feeling refreshed every time.

You can use LeisureBath straight from the packet at room temperature, or for
added comfort, the pack can be heated in the microwave or cooled in a
refrigerator. No matter which way you choose to use them, once you’re ready,
simply remove a wipe from the packet and cleanse your area of concern. No
soap or water required and you don’t need to moisturise afterwards unless
you want to. The packaging is reseal-able and the wipes retain their moisture
for several days or even weeks after opening.

LeisureBath wipes don’t just clean the sweat, dirt, grime and body odour
effectively, they also keep your skin healthy.
Our soap, alcohol and latex-free formula is perfectly pH balanced and contains
moisturisers and emollients to nourish and protect your skin. This LeisureBath
product also contains minimal chemical preservatives.

There’s nothing worse than when you desperately need to wash your hair and
it’s just not possible! Dry shampoo can lead to build up of microbes on your
scalp which then cause itching, flaking and inflammation, as well as throwing
out your hair’s natural oil balance. PMG’s Leisure Shampoo leaves your hair
clean and fresh without the need for water or dry shampoo.
Leisure Shampoo eliminates the need for water so your hair can be clean while
you’re outdoors doing the things you love such as:

  • Hiking

  • Camping and Caravanning

  • Boating and Fishing

  • During a long-haul flight

  • On a long distance road trip.

Simply depress the pump to dispense the shampoo foam into your hand and
them massage through until your hair is wet. Once you’ve massaged the
product into your hair completely, simply comb or brush your hair to evenly
distribute and either towel dry or dry naturally. There’s no need to rinse your
hair after you have applied the product; it truly is waterless!
Each 60ml pump pack provides up to 6 washes for shoulder length hair. The
packs have a reseal-able lid so it’s easy to take with you regardless of where
you are going. Better still, our Leisure Shampoo bottles are fully recyclable
making them twice as environmentally friendly.
PMG Leisure Shampoo contains a surfactant cleanser which removes all the
perspiration, oil and sweat from your hair and restores it to its natural pH
Leisure Shampoo doesn’t just clean your hair but our unique formula contains
Keratin which helps to rejuvenate the hair follicles and keep it strong and



New Zealand Marine Distribution bring M Melfi Design's customs range of Helm chairs to New Zealand. M Melfi Designs have developed and manufactured a range of custom Helm chairs, with an Italian influence. The Helm chairs are brilliantly designed and engineered. The custom ergonomically designed helm chairs, combine leather, vinyl, stainless steel and electronic controls to provide comfort, durability and functionality.
You can find these Helm chairs on:

• Maritimo
• Riviera
• Precision Cruisers
• Montebello
• Tasman Yachts
• Palm Beach Motor Yachts
• Azzure Yachts
• Elandra Yachts

Give your vessel that look of distinction and give yourself the comfort at the helm of your vessel that you deserve. These Helm chairs can be custom made to your own personal requirements. The fit, sizing, comfort level and feel, can all be determined by you in consultation with New Zealand Marine Distribution.

Give one of our reps a call today or call Mike personally to discuss your personal requirements.

Melfi Designs


Marine Action Craft

New Zealand Marine Distribution is really excited to bring you Mac Boats. We have dinghies, sailing boats and trailer boats available and every one of them is rotationally moulded from polyethylene thermoplastic. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Mac boats  are constructed using a patented “Gyro-Tech” process that forms double skin pontoon boats with extraordinary qualities. The boats are virtually indestructible, almost unsinkable, and maintenance-free with around FIVE X the impact strength of fibreglass.



Our technology allows the boat hull to be formed as one integral piece, eliminating any hull welds or joins. The polyethylene (plastic) used in Mac Boats® is top quality. Besides its inherent strength, polyethylene offers the owner virtually maintenance free boating – no corrosion, rust or rot, no osmosis, no mould growth, no electrolysis corrosion created by your electronic toys, no paintwork to maintain.

Our aim is simple – to provide quality products and services to satisfied customers.



Being light in weight, Mac Boats® are easy to launch and need less horsepower than a comparable-sized fibreglass boat, so you’ll save initial cost as well as fuel costs. Mac Boats® will provide years of trouble-free boating with strength up to FIVE X that of fibreglass, positive-buoyant and won’t rust or corrode.  Polyethylene is a new generation material for safe boating.
Mac Boats® are resilient enough to take bumps and knocks from novice boaters, or from those more seasoned players who are hard on their equipment. They’re also built to level flotation, and all boats are foam filled with polyurethane to provide this standard safety feature, which is a mandatory requirement for marine Commercial Survey.  This benefits commercial or professional operators who use their boats as a business tool and who can have “peace of mind” to know that this requirement is standard in every hull produced today.




Mac Boats® are manufactured from marine grade polyethylene. They are virtually indestructible and are up to five times stronger than fibreglass, with no corrosion, osmosis or gel coat to crack or fade.



The unique design where the inner and outer hull is bonded together in one piece, or “kissed off”, continues along each beam from bow to stern. This provides great strength and stiffness in the hull. This same process and technology was exported to the USA in the early 1990’s and is now being used by one of the largest trailer boat manufacturers in the world today.



Mac Boats® are positive-buoyant and lighter than comparable fibreglass boats so the ride is noticeably softer.



Mac Boats are rotationally moulded from polyethylene thermoplastic. They are constructed using a patented “Gyro-Tech” process that forms double skin, pontoon boats with extraordinary qualities. The boats are virtually indestructible, almost unsinkable, and maintenance-free and have around five times the impact strength of fibreglass.


Polyethylene offers significant advantages as a material for marine applications. It is “positively buoyant”, impervious to osmosis and corrosion, it is recyclable and environmentally friendly, it provides a hull with unique quiet and soft riding characteristics, and because UV stabilizers are added, won’t age through weather extremes. In the unlikely event that a polyethylene hull sustains damage, repairs can be quickly and easily made.


Thousands of Mac Boats have been sold in New Zealand. They are also exported to many countries both for the recreational and commercial markets. Our boats are particularly popular in harsh operating conditions where a tough, low-to-no maintenance boat is required to perform under extreme conditions. This makes them ideal not only for the leisure boating enthusiast, but also for workboat, resort and hire/rental applications. Their exceptional pontoon stability and ease of exit and re-entry make them a first choice with safety boat operators, divers and fishermen.


Existing partnerships have also been extended as Mac Boats has worked with Glacier Explorers Boat Cruises, based at Mt Cook, to produce a new Mac 570 to carry up to 16 people to increase their tourist business. Mt Cook is a real test of the performance of a Mac Boat due to the harsh operating conditions where a tough, low maintenance vessel is required to perform under extreme conditions on the Tasman Glacier.


Call NZ Marine Distribution today and we'll get you out on the water in one of the safest boats afloat.


Install 12 or 24 volt Refrigeration into your cabinet......

Typically suited to providing galley refrigeration for pleasure craft, motor homes and any remote off-grid situation. We have complete system packages suitable for most cabinet shapes and sizes.

……..Without Killing your Battery!

Adding refrigeration can create new power problems. The built-in ‘ECO2’ power management provides the solution.

To explain: Firstly, all Ozefridge eutectic systems store up to a day's refrigeration requirements in advance, usually involving only one or two long run periods per day. Cabinet temperatures are sustained by the eutectic mass. (Hold-over refrigeration… cooling in advance!) Other refrigeration types with virtually no similar hold-over ability, have to cycle once or twice per hour every hour, therefore consuming more power. Unlike the eutectic hold-over system, they rely on having constant battery power available every hour, 24 hours a day.


Secondly, the built-in ECO2 power management monitors the power type and voltage available then causes the Ozefridge unit to automatically start up and run whenever power is abundant and also to automatically operate from the highest voltage presented.  Abundant power is whenever battery voltage reads above13.7 VDC, (power that would otherwise be wasted) or if 240 VAC is detected via the optional AC/DC converter.


Running whenever power is abundant reduces the demand on the battery increasing its life, and often eliminates the need for an additional battery. Apart from providing greater surety of refrigerated product storage, there are also cost, battery consumption and weight savings with a eutectic holdover system and Ozefridge ECO2.




Parker Marine Group introduce SEA BLAST a new range of power washers.

Salt Water is abundant and more importantly, its free.

Simply place the suction line of the SEA BLAST water blaster into the ocean and it will self prime to 2mtrs.

Don't waste precious fresh water cleaning your boat or boatyard ever again.

From the more remote marinas who rely on precious rain water to fill tanks to the biggest city based marina where fresh water is abundant, albeit costly, these machines save our precious fresh water and save you money.

Take one of these machines onboard with you and clean that deck better and easier than it has ever been done before.

With many years of research and development we sincerely believe that the SEA BLAST range is the market leader when it comes to machines using Salt Water, not to mention safety, quality and reliability.

SEA BLAST offer a full range of in-house manufactured pressure washers and are therefore able to guarantee a consistent level of high quality products, independently audited to the BSI ISO 9001:2008 standards.

SEA BLAST are proud to be leading the way in revolutionary high pressure cleaning with their specialist saltwater marine machines.



Pressure Washers come in Electric, Petrol/LPG and Diesel models



NZMDL are proud to bring you Spotless Stainless. Spotless Stainless was formed after working with rust removal techniques for over four years. They decided to bring to market a product that removes rust, the "surface iron" that causes rust and a product that can be easily, effectively and safely used in the marine environment and architectural applications.


SMP, Stainless Marine Products is a supplier of stainless steel products, manufactured by a company that is 100% NZ owned and operated.

Everything is manufactured in New Zealand to ensure not only better quality control, but a quicker turnaround time.

SMP's supplier is the largest stainless steel accessory provider to the New Zealand powerboat industry and manufactures stock items for most of the New Zealand power boat market.

What this means for you the end user is we will more than likely already have a solution that fits your boat perfectly.


If we don’t we can manufacture the item to your specific needs.

All our marine products are produced using 316 marine grade stainless steel and are made to last the distance.



NZMDL are proud to bring you SWI-TEC which stands for Special, Water, Innovation. Specialising in everything related to practical, clever and special ideas around vessels and water.


For over 20 years our philosophy has remained unchanged. We develop special products for everyday use to make life a little easier for you. We use high-quality materials for production so as to offer you accessories for your watercraft with extreme durability and perfect quality. 


All products from Neveta Nautica that are presented under the SWI-TEC trademark are designed, produced, tested and marketed by our team.



Look what we have here, yet another innovative New Zealand manufactured product to provide you with FUN in the SUN......


Add the FANTASTIC SwimSafe  Sea Pool to you boat’s equipment and provide a safe and secure swimming playground for kids, off the stern of your boat. Never worry that they might drift off without being seen.

We all hear about safety at sea......but let's add safety while swimming at sea.


With inflatable sides and ends to hold on to and a fine mesh enclosing the entire swim area, preventing any unwanted guests from visiting, there will be no more chasing boogie boards or other swim toys all over the ocean, or diving for things that have sunk.


Everything is kept safe and secure within the SwimSafe Sea pool.


No longer are these pools the exclusive playground for the rich and famous and the Superyacht fraternity, our innovative design process and custom manufacturing abilities, mean that we can provide an inflatable solution that will be the "Perfect Fit" for your boat, big or small.


If you're looking for a customised swim area for your launch or yacht, contact us and we'll create a SwimSafe Sea Pool to be uniquely yours, in a size and colour that will attract attention and make you the envy of everyone around you.


We can also BRAND your Sea Pool with your company logo and the flags on the outer corners of the Sea Cage can also be used to fly your company colours.

The options are endless. "If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It"



Tempesta work closely with clients to understand their needs and desire and to design and manufacture solutions tailor made to fulfill great expectations.



Parker Marine Group now has a range of extremely high quality, New Zealand made, fibreglass hardtops for your boat. Big or small we have a hardtop that will suit you.

We can also have hardtops custom made to your specifications so you get the exact fit and look you want for your boat. We can also manufacture any stainless hardware you might need to attach the hardtop to your vessel and we can liaise directly with a local canvas supplier to make you the clears and Sunbrella inserts to keep the entire flybridge or helm station secure and dry. If you would prefer something a little more solid, we have a number of professional boat builders and painters we can refer you to.

 Call us today with your measurements and we'll get things sorted for you.



Reduce your carbon keel-print with smarter, greener, more efficient renewable energy systems!
Get more power and better efficiency !!
Join the renewable energy REVOLUTION!!!


New Zealand Marine Distribution brings you clean, green, renewable energy systems direct from New Zealand to wherever you are in the world

New Zealand Marine Distribution always seeks out the best of the best in regard to all the products they supply and Renewable energy products are no different.
They must meet our exacting standards for quality, durability and efficiency or we will not put our name to them. 

New Zealand Marine Distribution know how important it is to keep run time on your engine or generator to a minimum. Being able to incorporate renewable energy resources, along with high output alternators where you can, will help cut down your overall run time. Less run time means less diesel, fewer oil changes and less wear and tear – which all adds up to significant cost savings.

New Zealand Marine Distributions renewable energy systems provide a two-year return on investment, so any set-up costs for renewable systems are saved in running efficiencies within the first two years. After that it’s more money in the bank to enjoy the places that you dream of going.


New Zealand Marine Distribution has these systems on a boat, so you can come and see them first hand – not just in a box or on the shelf, but fully up and running. And it also means we can give you honest feedback on their functions, reliability and value for money.
This boat uses two D400 Wind Generators, three 165 watt Solar Panels, a Blue Sky Solar Boost system, large lithium ion battery bank, OGM LED Lighting to conserve power, Balmar high output alternators with smart regulators and large battery chargers, for those times when you do have to start the Gen-Set.
The renewable energy resources currently on board conserve fuel, extend the life of the vessels batteries, and allow the owners to live at anchor comfortably, wherever they are in the world. Using the natural resources of wind and solar power for your on-board energy system will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and ensure you get everything you can out of your batteries. That means you save money, as well as helping to sustain the planet for future generations.
With top quality renewable energy equipment available, expert advice and professional installation, New Zealand Marine Distribution is your one-stop- shop for smarter green energy systems. We’ll help you get the most from your on-board and land-based DC power systems – whether you’re off-grid or grid-tied.

Call us today for all your requirements:

  • Solar and Wind Power

  • Alternators and Regulators

  • Inverters and Charges

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Battery Management Systems

  • LED Lighting

  • Hybrid Propulsion

  • Navigation and Communication

  • Energy System Design



US Watermaker have been manufacturing reverse osmosis water makers for more than 30 years and NZMDL are proud to present their range to you. Whether you own a small pleasure craft or an ocean going ship, US Watermaker has a model specifically designed to meet your requirements. The Island Explorer, available in 12v, is an economical modular unit designed for hard to fit locations on powerboats and sailing vessels, capable of producing 500 - 1500 US GPD. The Clearwater, one of the most compact systems on the market and it offers all the features you would expect in a high quality R.O. unit at a very competitive price and capable of producing 400 - 1,500 US GPD. The Workboat, a frame mounted semi-modular or modular unit designed for all vessels, capable of producing 500 - 4,000 US GPD and finally, the Commercial Class, the largest line of watermakers designed for cruise ships, processing ships, coastal resorts, and super yachts. These units produce 5,000 - 22,000+ US GPD

US Watermaker


Vaportec manufactures heat exchangers in New Zealand and has been producing high quality heat exchangers for over 20 years.


They produce heat exchangers for all aspects of cooling and heating in a multitude of industries, but the Parker Marine Group want to introduce the quality conscious and maintenance conscious boat owner to the fantastic:

Coil in Shell Heat Exchangers

These heat exchangers are made in copper, titanium and stainless steel and utilise the latest plastics for casings. These heat exchangers are manufactured in a variety of designs and they feature:

  • Nylon Top

  • Thermostat Pocket

  • Polyethylene Case

  • Moulded 50mm BSP Threads

  • Lightweight

  • Turbulator


Vaportec’s globally patented Spirex tube form has numerous advantages over standard tube.

Vaportec heat exchangers are easily installed and the Spirex tube system gives these heat exchangers superior cooling qualities when compared to standard tube type exchangers.

The Spirex form is used in all the various models of heat exchangers manufactured and enhances the co-efficient of thermal transfer by approximately 300% over straight tubing.


No matter what size engine or transmission you wish to cool, we have the heat exchanger to do the job – and to do it better than the competition.


NB: Better, more efficient cooling equals engine and transmission longevity.

So, to keep your cool, contact us today.

Vaportec Marine Heat Excangers


For four decades the name Maxwell has been synonymous with the highest standards of performance in providing anchoring solutions for pleasure boats, Superyachts and commercial vessels. Maxwell has an international reputation for excellence which has evolved through ongoing R&D, innovative design, customer service and a commitment to style and quality that is unparalleled in the industry. New Zealand Marine Distribution recognises that boat owners not only want equipment that works flawlessly, they want products that look great and perform to the highest standards.

This is why New Zealand Marine Distribution has partnered with Maxwell

Maxwell products are renowned for their reliability and performance throughout the international marine leisure boat industry. Their range of windlasses, capstans and accessories is extensive, providing anchoring solutions for
vessels from 6 metres (20 feet) to over 90 metres (300 feet).

New Zealand Marine Distribution's, like Maxwell's history is one of innovation and today is no exception. Mike, the CEO of New Zealand Marine Distribution says "We wanted to align ourselves with the "BEST" in the industry and this is why we chose Maxwell"
Maxwell continues to exceed client expectation over and over again in every aspect of reliability, functionality and design


New Zealand Marine Distribution is extremely proud to be able to bring our customers and clients the exceptional Maxwell range of products.


But WAIT !!! That's not all !!

New Zealand Marine Distribution also brings you VETUS.

Innovation through design
For more than 50 years, VETUS has been an internationally operating developer, manufacturer and trading company, selling marine engines, generators and technical equipment for recreational craft and small commercial vessels. An important part of their philosophy, like that of New Zealand Marine Distribution, is to offer you, the client, innovation through design. New Zealand Marine Distribution can now supply almost 4.000 technical products that are mostly designed or partly designed by the VETUS engineering team. VETUS design their products to make your life on your boat easy and enjoyable. 


New Zealand Marine Distribution is now part of and can connect you to, the VETUS Global service and support network

New Zealand Marine Distributions System thinking
We say we are the creators of boat systems. What does this mean? It's very simple; we not only supply innovative technical equipment for your boat, but we make sure that we offer you products that are part of a complete system. So, we not only offer you a toilet, but also all connections, tanks, hoses and other components required to complete the boat's sanitary system. In total we offer you 14 systems; from the engine room to the fly-bridge.



Window Treatments

New Zealand Marine Distribution has now teamed with Window Treatments NZ Ltd.


Founded in 1984, Window Treatments is the largest independent blind, shutter and awning manufacturing company in New Zealand and now New Zealand Marine Distribution brings these fantastic products to the discerning New Zealand boating public.

Window Treatments, designs and manufactures market leading products in a purpose-built Christchurch factory. This ensures quality, continuity of supply and superior back-up service to meet the ever-growing demand both in New Zealand and overseas. 

Window Treatments NZ Ltd manufacture stylish blinds, shutters and awnings here in New Zealand, using components that meet the highest international standards.

The management team introduces superior technology and innovation whenever possible to ensure the product range is the most advanced on the market and from an aesthetic point of view, we have interior decor styles to suit each and every vessel.


No jobs are too large or too small. Our team is vastly experienced and will find the perfect solution to your specific vessels requirements.

Management and staff in all facets of our business, New Zealand wide, support and contribute to our goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction, from design and manufacture through to delivery and installation. 

We invite you to experience the New Zealand Marine Distribution, Window Treatments’ style, service and value. 

You are guaranteed quality and satisfaction.


New Zealand Marine Distribution can call on customer service representatives, spread from Invercargill to Whangarei.

Our consultants provide a FREE (no obligation) measure & quote service, contact us today  to arrange an appointment.

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