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1987 Mariner 3400



1987 Mariner 3400


PRICE NOW REDUCED!! This 1987 Mariner 3400 is well worth a look.

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The 1985 Sydney Boat Show saw the Mariner 34 replaced by a fresh new model called the 3400, and the two siblings should not be confused. The 3400 was superior in all respects – handling, performance, styling, layout, construction, and finish. Indeed, it might not have been part of the original script but the market reaction and subsequent sales of the 3400 prompted Mariner to revamp their entire range of cruisers in 1986.

With the beam widened to 3.79m, stability and internal space increased correspondingly.

The 3400 gives confidence to the helmsman with its predictability, ease of handling and direct response to helm and throttle. “These boats have a firmness to their sea-riding capabilities and a positive feel to their handling and directional stability.

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