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2024 Hybrid Power Cat



2024 Hybrid Power Cat

$1,320,000.00 NZD Ex Works

Introducing the Future of Marine Innovation: The Hybrid Diesel-Electric Power Catamaran! Surveyed for 40 PAX

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Introducing the Future of Marine Innovation: The Hybrid Diesel-Electric Power Catamaran!

Elevate Your Maritime Experience with Unmatched Efficiency and Sustainability!

Efficiency Redefined:

Experience the perfect blend of power and eco-friendliness with our state-of-the-art hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system. Seamlessly switch between diesel and electric modes to optimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and extend your cruising range.

Smart Power Management:

Our cutting-edge power management system ensures optimal performance at all times. The intelligent integration of diesel and electric power sources maximizes efficiency, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable power mode for any situation.

Green Cruising:

Join the movement towards sustainable boating! With reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption in electric mode, our Hybrid Diesel-Electric Power Catamaran minimizes its environmental impact. Enjoy the serene beauty of the open water while preserving marine ecosystems for future generations.

Silent Glide:

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sea without the noise and vibration of traditional engines. The electric mode offers a silent, smooth glide over the water, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable journey for you and your passengers.

Advanced Technology:

Our catamaran is equipped with the latest in marine technology. From advanced navigation systems to intuitive controls, experience the ease of operation and the confidence that comes with cutting-edge innovation.

Low Maintenance:

Built to last with minimal maintenance requirements, our Hybrid Diesel-Electric Power Catamaran combines durability with efficiency. Spend more time enjoying the water and less time worrying about upkeep.

Versatility at Sea:

Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a leisure cruiser, our catamaran adapts to your preferences. Motor silently into secluded coves using electric power, then switch seamlessly to diesel for high-speed excursions or long-distance journeys.

Join the Evolution of Boating:

Invest in a vessel that aligns with the future of boating. Our Hybrid Diesel-Electric Power Catamaran redefines the maritime experience, offering a perfect balance between power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Embark on a New Era of Boating – Reserve Your Hybrid Catamaran Today!

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