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Ten Year Efficacy

Coppercoat Multi-Season Antifoul Coatings have full efficacy against biofouling for ten or more years (proven over 80,000 applications world-wide). Coppercoat is solvent-free, biocide-free and is non-eroding (non-ablative). It is acknowledged as the most environmentally responsible antifoul coating available in the world.

The two-part epoxy composition of this product delivers a high-performance, extremely durable, impermeable surface, providing hull protection unavailable from any other antifoul product.

Coppercoat application is uncomplicated and fast. On new GRP hulls, Coppercoat is applied directly, eliminating the costs of multiple coatings required for ablative or foul release products.

Parker Marine Group are proud to supply Coppercoat to the boating fraternity of New Zealand and with the help of our extensive shipping network, to the pacific Islands.

Removal of Multiple Layers of Ablative Antifouling Paint

To facilitate the removal of multiple ablative antifoul coatings (required before Coppercoat is applied), DeFOUL Antifoul Paint Remover is used. A single application removes up to six layers of antifoul paint without risk of substrate damage or exposure to airborne biocides and toxins. DeFOUL is biodegradable and effective on GRP, fibreglass, steel, aluminium, and lead substrates. Typically, for vessels up to 20metres, removal is completed in a single day (including when two applications are required to remove many years of antifouling paint.

Integrated Underwater Surfaces Protection System for all Substrate Types

Commencing with the removal of traditional ablative, biocidal antifouling, we provide a fully integrated underwater surfaces protection system. Each coating forms an inter-coat chemical bond with the other to create a homogenous, impermeable and exceptionally durable protective shell. Quattro, two part-epoxy, high-solids anti-corrosive primer is for use on steel, aluminium and lead substrates. High Protect II solvent-free, high-build, two-part epoxy barrier coating is specifically engineered to protect against and treat osmosis in GRP hulls.

Cost Savings

With Coppercoat, this underwater surfaces protection system provides boat owners with a ten-year solution that requires an absolute minimum of annual maintenance. If there is any additional cost compared to leeching or foul-release products at the outset, this is typically recovered within two years when re-coating and/or repairs to other systems are required and each subsequent year provides cost savings.

Technical Support

A project-specific Preparation and Application Guideline Procedure is available to vessel owners and professional applicators for each project can be supplied.

A professional technical-support network for the underwater surfaces protection system and products, is operational throughout New Zealand.

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