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Blair Boats

Parker Marine Group are PROUD to announce that Laurie Jury and his remarkable team at Blair Boats, a boutique family owned and operated boat building/woodworking yard located in Oromahoe just south of Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, has joined our group of Marine Professionals. Blair Boats provides competitive pricing for professional refits, modifications, repaint services, including wood and composite repairs, as well as long term storage options. Contact us now for all your:

  • Custom new builds

  • Refits and Repairs

  • Modifications and upgrades

  • Fine woodworking

  • Fiberglass, Carbon fiber and composite manufacturing

  • Custom kitchens and cabinetry

  • Hard stand and long-term storage

The team at Blair Boat’s pride themselves on providing the highest standard of work at a competitive rate. Whether you are looking at a new boat to build, refit or any woodworking and composite project, Blair Boats can work with you to find the right solution and Parker Marine Group recommends them very highly indeed, so contact us today.

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