Twenty 20 Marine Ltd member of PMG in New Zealand

Twenty 20 Marine Ltd

Twenty 20 Marine Ltd member of PMG in New Zealand

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Edlin Marine Ltd and Bailey Marine Ltd

Become Twenty 20 Marine Ltd

Mike and the Parker Marine Group of companies, say "Welcome aboard" to Twenty 20 Marine Ltd.

Richard Edlin and Terry Bailey come together and create Twenty 20 Marine Ltd.

Richard’s passion for boats started back in his youth, sailing with his uncle Ginger on his 32ft Townsend.

He quickly became infatuated with woodworking, boating and design.

These skills lead him to commencing an apprenticeship with Terry Bailey at the age of 16.

Richard quickly developed and began leading a team at Bailey Marine in his third year and his dreams never stopped there.

In his spare time and while completing his apprenticeship, Richard began building a 26ft yacht of his own design. Surrounded by people who were supportive and believed in his abilities, his first design MIX T MOTIONS was built. At the age of 22, Richard began working for himself as Edlin Marine Ltd, a company which has been in business for the past 26 years and has now morphed into Twenty 20 Marine.

During this time Richard built great relationships with a variety of trades and improved on his own knowledge on wooden and composite vessels.

The quality of his workmanship and ability to problem solve is renowned in the boating industry and the Parker Marine Group are extremely proud to have someone of his capability and reputation join their ranks as a member company.

Terry followed the Bailey Family tradition and became a fourth generation boat builder going on to build up his own business up with his late wife Sharon. Together they trained a multitude of apprentices, all of whom excelled in the precision and craftsmanship that boatbuilding demands.

Later on, Terry became the agent for Bostik and FixTech products as well as selling GEBO hatches and MarineDeck for the marine industry, which he has done for the last 15 years.

These products are now sold through Bailey Marine, which is a working division of Twenty 20 Marine Ltd.

Twenty 20 Marine Ltd are extremely fortunate to have Terry continue to provide his expertise, product knowledge and skills and the Parker Marine Group could not be more happy to have such a wealth of knowledge available to its members and clients.

Trudy Edlin, Richards wife, is the welcoming face in the office and the glue that keeps them all in line.

She's a registered nurse and continues to work as a District Nurse in Whangarei, along with all the duties required of her in the Twenty 20 office.

Trudy has a passion for education and she, along with Richard and Terry, is dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation of boatbuilders.