Prop Defender

Prop Defender is the latest propeller and running gear protective coating.

Designed to repel marine fouling from underwater metal surfaces, the comprehensive kit is probably the best and most effective long lasting coating system available and gives propellers a long lasting, ultra smooth surface, which increases boat speed and keeps props and running gear free of fouling, making them more efficient which decreases fuel consumption.

Prop Defender is completely free of Toxins, Solvents, VOC’s and Biocides.

It is completely safe for the user to apply with NO carcinogenic Zinc Chromate etch primers and has absolutely ZERO effect on New Zealand's pristine marine environment.


Prop Defender also reduces corrosion and lowers maintenance costs, offering 12-24 months protection from fouling. The finished coat is clear and has a gleaming super smooth, super slippery appearance, giving lasting protection.

Prop-defender propeller protection





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