Spotless Stainless Examples

Before removing rust with Spotless Stainless. -- You see the amount or rust on the surface. The steel chain has banged around in the carrier leaving iron on the surface to rust.

Applying Spotless Stainless rust remover is simple. Brush on, wait up to 30 mins for the chemical bath to remove the rust and surface iron. When temperatures are below 70 degrees F (21c) you may need more than 30 mins to remove all the rust. It is hard to tell that anything is happening by looking at the application. You can see areas where the surface appears to be getting brighter. Stainless Steel that has considerable amount of rust may need two applications to completely clean the Stainless. Notice the roller at the end of the carrier - Spotless Stainless was designed to be simple to apply and get into tight places.

After rinsing with fresh water the rust is gone. In this photo the carrier is still wet from the rinse. Notice the bends where the vertical surface meets the bottom are clean. Spotless Stainless is very effective removing rust from very tight spaces.

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