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Our Marine Products and Services

The Parker Marine Group members bring you an extensive range of products and skills, along with an extremely focused and dedicated network of marine professionals providing boat building, boat sales, sail making, canvas work, marine insurance, boat surveys, boat painting and much, much more.

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Search for boating equipment, marine coatings or boats for sale... if it's not there contact us we will get it for you!

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2004 Admiral 50 Executive Version

Our Promise

We have one Golden Rule in business, and that's to ensure our customers know they are respected and listened to. Each and every vessel owner has their own expectations and we aim to meet all of them, every time.

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Insurance for your boat

Hit the Enquire Now button and we will give you a free no-obligation quote to insure your vessel.  

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Island Cruising NZ provides resources and support for cruisers wanting to prepare for long coastal or offshore voyages. We run online cruising workshops and social events to help people get themselves, their crew and their vessels prepared for longer passages and we also run yacht rallies around New Zealand and the Islands of the South Pacific.

Membership also gets you access to some great deals from our marine suppliers and is just
$75.00 per year.


We recently purchased a launch from Parker Marine Group with Les Gray. Les made this a very easy process for us, he was so helpful in answering all our questions and very efficient and keeping us fully informed constantly. We were very happy with the service we received from Les and would totally recommend him. We are very grateful to Les for making this happen at such a busy time of the year and giving us our dream for the New Year which we have been able to thoroughly enjoy this so far!

Aaron Costello

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SW-TEC - New Zealand Marine Distribution NZ
Anchorlift - New Zealand Marine Distribution
Spotless Stainless
EasyMoor - New Zealand Marine Distribution Distributor
Kaiwaka Clothing - New Zealand Marine Distribution Distributor NZ
US Watermaker - New Zealand Marine Distribution Distributor
Irvine carpet and flooring
Delta T Systems - New Zealand Marine Distribution Distributor
Window Treatments - New Zealand Marine Distribution Distributor NZ
Icom - New Zealand Marine Distribution
OzeFridge - New Zealand Marine Distribution
Trans Marine - New Zealand Marine Distribution
Marine Tuft
Entel - New Zealand Marine Distribution Distributor NZ
Swim Safe Sea Pool
Smooth Moves
Mac Boats - New Zealand Marine Distribution
Protective Marine Coating
Vetus Maxwell - New Zealand Marine Distribution
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