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Tempesta in NZ

Allufer Tempesta
Marine Solutions Since 1972

Parker Marine Group are proud to be associated with one of the best design and manufacturing companies in the world of Yachts and Superyachts. ​Allufer Tempesta have been designing and manufacturing Custom Doors, Accessories And Equipment For Yachts And Superyachts since 1972.

Allufer Tempesta is a dynamic and modern company with advanced technological equipment, focused on the production of yacht accessories, in stainless steel and lights alloys, such as manual or automatic sliding doors, pantograph doors, portholes, flush hatches, fireproof doors, hydraulic hull doors and tender launch systems. Their Technical office incorporates all modern software, such as AUTOCAD (2D design) SOLID EDGE (3D design), FEMAP (FEM Analysis) and CAD-CAM for CNC equipment.

Their Skilled designers and engineers, work closely with their clients to work through what can be very complex design requirements and their reputation in this industry is second to none.

Allufer Tempesta New Zealand

We are the New Zealand Agents for Allufer Tempesta

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