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Aegis Oil

The Parker Marine Groups association with a World Touring Car Champion, Paul Radisich started when we approached Aegis Oil in regard to using their products.

Paul has used almost every lubricant label on the market through his motor racing career and is very proud to provide a product of exceptional quality, manufactured right here in New Zealand, by Kiwis for Kiwis.


The Parker Marine Group of Companies is a dedicated Group of marine professionals delivering absolutely everything the New Zealand boat owner may need to maintain or improve their vessel and we are extremely proud to be chosen as the Aegis Oil Companies representatives for the marine sector here in Northland.


Aegis Oil is a true New Zealand brand, manufacturing and distributing an unrivalled range of oil products, right here in New Zealand and they are the only oil company blending and packaging right here in our beautiful country. This enables them to maintain consistent supply and delivery.


The lubricant you need for your vessel will always be available and we can have it for you overnight.


Aegis Oils offer lubricant solutions for all sectors including agricultural, automotive, forestry, mowing, heavy machinery and MARINE and the Aegis Oil brand can be trusted to protect your engines and equipment with its API (American Petroleum Institute) specification lubricants.


The Parker Marine Group believes in providing personal service and great communication and Aegis Oils also believe that this is essential to building and maintaining great relationships.


We welcome two new members to our group.


Dave Chapman owns and runs "Mechanical Marine Maintenance Limited"

and Thomas Robinson owns and runs the mechanical/auto electrical company

"Mobile Auto & Marine Limited"


Both Dave and Tom USE and RECOMMEND Aegis oils and lubricants.

Aegis Oil New Zealand's Oil

We are official distributors of Aegis Oil in New Zealand

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