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Poseidon Scooters

Poseidon Scooters PMG New Zealand

Parker Marine Group have now become agents for these fantastic underwater scooters.

Divers should avoid any unnecessary movements to keep their oxygen consumption and heart rate to a minimum. With that in mind, what if there were something that does all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to lift a finger? Thankfully, we have the solution and it’s a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), more commonly known as an underwater sea scooter.


The best underwater scooters use propellers to pull you long distances and help you conserve that precious oxygen. With the help of their powerful motors, you will glide effortlessly through the water like a torpedo. By conserving your oxygen, you can spend more time exploring instead of wasting resources trying to get from point A to B.


Underwater scooters are highly versatile. They can be used in both shallow and deep water. They can also be used by snorkelers and swimmers, helping you maneuver more easily through currents. They are not just practical; they are seriously fun to use.


When searching for an underwater scooter, keep in mind there is a big difference in what budget models and high-end models can do. Generally, the higher the price tag, the better the battery life, speed, and depths that you can dive to.

Geneinno S2 Underwater Scooter


Dimensions: 19*8*5.8’’.

Weight: 5.9lbs.
Power: 180/480W
Acceleration: Smooth dual speed.
Working Depth: 40m / 130ft (depth limit).
Endurance: 45 minutes (normal use).
Adjustable Speed: H 1.5m/s L 1.2m/s
Battery: Build in Li-Polymer 11,1V/11.0 Ah.
Charging Time: 1.5h
Max Thrust: 22lbs

Designed to fit into the travel bag, Geneinno S2 is the most portable sea scooter that you can bring on the plane. Weighs merely 5.9lbs and footprint is equivalent to 16″ Macbook Pro, the compact and neat Geneinno S2 accompanies APP control features makes your watersports fan and cool. 

Anti rust Motor

The S2’s motors have an anti rust coating, making them durable for over 1,000 hours in various scenarios, both in salt and freshwater. The excellent seal technique and water cooling design ensure its hi gh performance. 

Diving like a pro

With a depth rating of 98 ft, you can rely on the Geneinno S2’s durability to explore even deeper in your underwater adventures. The S2’s positive buoyancy makes it easier to maintain depth and helps prevent it from being lost in the ocean. Powered by 350W DC brushless motors, the Geneinno S2 provides up to a total of 22 lbs of thrust. The two-gear speed allows you to cruise through the water at a max speed of 2.7 mph and a low speed of 2 mph. S2 offers you 45 mins underwater adventure. The magnetic providers a quick recharge time of 1.5 hours. 

Parental Mode

With a positive buoyancy, The Geneinno S2 is suitable for all ages and is great to use in a swimming pool or in your favorite lake. The child-safe lock allows you to control the scooter via app while you watch your kids learn how to swim.

APP control

With the Geneinno APP, check the status of your S2, change settings and record the speed, depth, distance, light and battery. Share this info on your socials afterwards. 

Compatible with GoPro

Mount your GoPro camera in front of the Geneinno S2 and capture every spectacular moment in the ocean. If you don’t have a GoPro, you can attach a light instead and illuminate uncharted underwater caves.

Poseidon Scooters

Seabow Underwater Scooter


Size: 327 x 486 x 177mm

Weight: 3.4kg(7.48 lb)
Speed: 1m/s(2.24mph), Sport:1.5m/s(3.36mph), Turbo:2m/s(4.47mph)*
Working Depth: 40m / 130ft (depth limit)
Battery life: 75 minutes* (normal use)
Battery weight: 1.1kg
Interface: Two built-in mounts for action camera and underwater photography platform (camera and lights are not included)
Accessories: Balance weight bracket, Three lead weights, D-ring buckle, Tow cord, Safety leash Selects: 2-hour quick charger, Accessories for underwater photography platform, Backpack (sold separately)


The world’s first dual-motor underwater scooter that supports one-handed operation, giving you maximum flexibility in the water.

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Seabow, the most powerful underwater scooter! 3 speeds up to 2m/s, 40m depth, max 75 mins battery life and extendable to underwater photography platform.

Top speed 2m/s (4.47 mph)

Move as fast as the Men’s 200m World Freestyle Champion.

7.2km/h max speed

Top speed 2m/s (4.47 mph): Move as fast as the Men’s 200m World Freestyle Champion.

A comfortable ergonomic design

Designed with a stable and comfortable grip for underwater maneuverability to help explore infinity.