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Dickinson Marine

Parker Marine Group now have the Dickinson Marine range of products available. Dickinson Marine is a family owned and operated company based in Canada, who manufacture and distribute stainless steel appliances, for the marine industry.

Producing reliable, quality marine stoves, heaters, BBQ's and much, much more, that give that warm, dry, comforting feel to any vessel. These products are beautiful, hand crafted, high quality stainless steel appliances that are second to none in the marine industry. Their excellence in design and their practical and reliable operation, make them the first choice for all boat owners.

Dickinson Marine is an instantly recognised brand, with over 80 years of acclaim from commercial mariners, long range cruisers and the recreational boating community. Parker Marine Group is excited to be able to provide this fantastic range to the boating public of New Zealand.

Dickinson Marine stainless steel appliances in new zealand

We are official resellers of Dickinson Marine in New Zealand

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