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Eclass Electric Outboards

Eclass Electric Outboards

Parker Marine Group now have an affiliate association with Eclass Outboards in Australia and we welcome them aboard.

 All Eclass electric outboards and products, are designed, made and tested in NSW Australia.

The quality of the product and the diverse range allows them to offer electric outboards for all hull designs, from planing hulls to high torque engines for semi displacement and displacement vessels.

Eclass electric Outboards are for those who want to enjoy the marine environment with family and friends in a "leave only footprints" clean and sustainable way.

Eclass electric Outboards also help commercial inshore operators, such as hire boats, survey boats, rescue craft and aquaculture vessels to reduce their impact on the environment they have a vested interest in maintaining and nurturing.


Eclass Outboards are members of AIMEX - The Australian International Marine Export Group

Being a verified member of AIMEX means you can rest assured that they know their stuff. The aim of AIMEX is to be Australia's most dynamic industry body, in the area of marine markets, both domestically and globally and Parker Marine Group recognise this groups record of success.

Eclass Electric Outboards

We are official distributors of Eclass in New Zealand

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