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Parker Marine Brokers is a Whangarei based boat brokerage providing a customer focused approach to selling or purchasing a vessel.

Parker Marine Brokers understand that buying or selling a boat can be a lengthy process. We know that if you're buying a boat, there are many pro's and con's to consider and every single boat will see the prospective purchaser make small compromises on perfection.

If you're selling a boat, then these pro's and con's will more than likely form part of the negotiation process between you and the purchaser.

Parker Marine Brokers is part of the Parker Marine Group and is therefore able to draw on the years of experience within that group. No issue is too small and none are too big, we are skilled negotiators and our sole focus is on ensuring both parties have a fantastic experience.

You will always feel respected and acknowledged.

Parker Marine Brokers also work closely with City of Sails Marine Brokers in Auckland and NZ Boat Sales in Nelson. This collaboration allows us to provide you with very real Nationwide sales coverage for your vessel when you're selling.

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Our Brokers

Mike Parker Parker Marine Brokers New Zealand

09 4377051

0275 504 140

Mike Parker – CEO and Founder

Mike has been boating since he got his first Kayak for Christmas as a child, and being on the water has been his passion ever since. He has owned small sailing and rowing dinghies, and large yachts and launches.

Mike served his engineering apprenticeship with McRae Engineering in Whangarei and was actively involved in the construction, and repair of small inshore fishing vessels right up to large ocean-going purse seine tuna vessels and everything in between. His passion for all things on the water saw him open a marine refit and spray-painting company in his hometown of Whangarei, and Pacific Gloss is still running today.

Mike has seen every side of boat ownership during his career, and this has formed his strongly held beliefs around boat ownership. He says owning a boat should be fun, and the maintenance should be easy, and this is his philosophy when it comes to buying or selling a boat. Mike is the Managing Director of Parker Marine Group, based in Whangarei, and he brings his extensive boating industry experience to the buying and selling of new and used yachts, and launches. If you have a boat to sell, or if you’re looking to buy, then please contact Mike anytime.


"Thank you, Mike, for all of your support throughout our entire boat purchasing process.  As first-time boat buyers, we really appreciate you going above and beyond to walk us through every step and provide us with your valuable advice and guidance. We had so many questions - and you always had great solutions, resources, and recommendations!!  Your entire team is amazing to work with too.  We started off wanting to buy a boat, and in the end, we bought a home.  With the help of your team, we purchased the perfect boat for us and we are very happy with our decision.  You provided solutions during our pre-purchase survey stage - all the way to the financing stage where we were approved for our loan.  You provided us with all of the information we needed to know and made the buying process straightforward - from viewing the boat, surveying the boat, organizing all of the different parties who were involved in the process and handling the Sale & Purchase Agreement paperwork.  We cannot thank you enough for the referrals.  We have such an excellent team working on our boat now.  We have great ongoing relationships with all the Parker Marine Group providers you introduced us to!  Working with your group has given us the peace of mind that we needed to take the leap of faith to purchase a liveaboard boat - knowing that we have a great team of people to support us on this crazy adventure.  Thank you so much!!"

Jaleh & Jusitn Edwardson, Marsden Cove
Meet our Brokers
Flynn Hart Photo.jpg

Flynn Hart

Born in Western Australia and introduced to some of the most diverse waters, Flynn’s passion for the sea began early in life. Growing up beach side in Whangarei New Zealand meant surfing, fishing, diving, and all things with the ocean became lifelong priorities.  


Being drawn to all types of vessels (owning his 3rd before the age of 27), Flynn’s professional boating experience covered being a Deckhand, Bosun, Skipper and Boat Builder. He is now enthusiastic about using those experiences in Brokering  


Having also worked in retail, he enjoys people contact, has a personable attitude and loves conversation. Living his whole life for and around the sea allows him to relate to a wide variety of boating and yachting niches, with some great stories to swap. 


Representing the Auckland/Northland region, Flynn can connect you to all things boating and with his young and up and coming attitude he will ensure you a pleasant experience dealing through him. 




Flynn Hart has just sold my Motorsailer in 90 days !! True, Ruby Dawn was very well maintained and presented. But her hull was ferrocement, and some people are deathly afraid of that material. That was no obstacle for Flynn. I found Flynn to be an excellent communicator. He has a passion for boats and their history. He also likes people. Flynn works as hard for the seller as he does for the buyer. A perfectly honest middleman. I recommend Flynn Hart as a broker for understanding service, constant communication, and great photography !! Thanks for helping achieve a quick sale for a great boat. Wesley Henderson former custodian of the Ruby Dawn a unique Hartley Southseas Motorsailer.

Wesley Henderson
Paul Oldhams Photo.jpg

Paul Oldham

I have been involved with the boating fraternity for the past 25 to 30 years.

Mainly with the Powerboat/launch arena.

I have lived in Tauranga for the past 35 years but have recently moved back to Whangamata.

I am available to list sellers’ vessels or to show vessels to prospective purchasers in both areas.

Give me a call or flick me a text on 0274991028 or email me



Ian Duncan picture.jpg

Ian Duncan

Ian has salt running through his veins and has been boating since his earliest memories.

Early days growing up spent many summers at Big Manly on Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

He learned to row, sail P class and explored the Kawau Bay coast in various family runabouts.

As the family matured they graduated to launches and extensively cruised the East coast from Whakatane to Houhora.

In his teens the family launch was sold and so began Ian’s own boat ownership journey.

This started from a trusty 12foot Ali dinghy that got taken all over the North island.

Ian married and had his own family to raise as boaties.

On to a runabout, Vindex launch and a 52 ft pilot house live aboard .

The later was home to Ian and his wife for 8 years.

Family called them back from the sea and they are now settled in Gulf Harbour but still have a few boats.

Ian brings an extensive marine knowledge to PMG and is a very experienced, hands on boatie.

With the resource backing of PMG Ian is ready to assist Vendors and Purchasers alike find the best possible outcome.


021 121 9524

Paul Davey_edited.jpg

Paul Davey

Paul first started sailing when he was 6 in a boat his father built for him. He progressed through dinghies, trailer sailers and keelers, the last yacht being a 45ft Gary Mull sloop which he lived on in Wellington before circumnavigating the North Island cruising the South Pacific.

Paul crewed on racing yachts in Perth, Sydney and Wellington having competed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. He has worked as a sail maker, rigger, canvas fabricator and for “Naiad” boats. Having lived at a property in Queen Charlotte sound he also has a lot of experience with launches and power boats.


Paul is a friendly outgoing person who is passionate about all things boats and looks forward to helping you have a seamless, successful experience when either buying or selling.


He is based in Nelson but will be traveling regularly to Havelock, Picton, Waikawa marinas and to Tarakohe when required.




Ashleigh Macdonald

Parker Marine Group welcome Ashleigh Macdonald, one of three new PMG brokers for the South Island.

Ashleigh has spent the last 2 decades immersed in the world of boats, starting with kayaks then progressing to a 16ft trailer sailer, and progressing even further to owning several keelers, which she has sailed NZ's coastal waters in.

She has crewed offshore and in the Pacific Islands, and this experience has set in stone the dream of cruising.

Ashleigh is no stranger to the practical side of boat ownership either, having spent countless hours in the haul out yard working on her boat- funnily enough that’s where she met her partner, and she lives aboard their Malcom Dickson 40 with her partner and their 1-year-old child.

They plan to go offshore in a few years time.

Ashleigh has transitioned from a successful career in the social service industry, bringing 8 years of experience in client advocacy and support.


She has an exceptional knack at understanding clients’ needs and her strong communication skills make dealing with her a breeze.

Contact Ashleigh for your brokerage needs.



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