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Parker Marine Group member "New Zealand Marine Distribution Ltd" have just been selected by Finsulate in the Netherlands, as their New Zealand partners. Vital Signs in Whangarei, also a Parker Marine Group member, will be the applicators for this new and very unique vinyl wrap antifouling for Auckland, North to Opua and their NZSDA (New Zealand Sign & Display Association) affiliates will perform the applications around the rest of New Zealand.

Conventional antifouling paints, without exception, attempt to prevent the growth of micro and macro fouling organisms by way of the toxic substances they contain. Aside from the chemical aspects and their environmental implications, such methods are not efficient and in some cases they have zero effect. The paints usually don't last long and our waterways and harbours get intentionally polluted by the toxic substances leaking into it.

Finsulate has proven that efficient antifouling can be done much easier and cleaner!

Finsulate in NZ
Finsulate in NZ


We all know that a vessel without antifouling will be covered in growth in a very short time. This is why we use a so called antifouling paint, containing toxic substances that kill marine life. Because of the extreme environmental pollution resulting from these methods, legislation is getting increasingly restrictive and these paints are becoming less and less effective.

Hull Insulation

In nature, spines are often used as a defence mechanism. One good example of this, are sea urchins, which stay free from growth of organisms and don’t get eaten by other animals. Finsulate is a very special film, developed to protect the hull of a vessel. And it was developed to mimic that very same sea urchin principle: Tiny spines on its surface prevent the attachment of algae, mussels or other organisms. The hull effectively becomes “insulated”. The only chance for organisms to attach is on the outer end of those tiny spines. But from there they can easily be brushed off. And the boat can stay in the water while it is cleaned.

Long-Term Protection

Thanks to its physical properties, Finsulate provides efficient antifouling for a long time. This protection also works no matter if the vessel is moving or at rest in a marina or on a swing mooring. Its durability of at least 5 years means that you’ll definitely save on the yearly maintenance costs and at the same time, you will be actively protecting our marine environment!

The Order Process

Finsulate is applied by our Nationwide team of certified applicators. Simply contact us and tell us whether your boat is a Yacht or a Launch. let us know what speed she cruises at and give us her weight, waterline length, beam and how much water she draws. We will then select the right Finsulate grade for your boat and give you an estimate of the costs involved.


With Finsulate you’ll have an antifouling solution for at least 5 years. To ensure that your Finsulate application lasts at least that long, some special preparation of the hull surface is required.

If the hull surface is coated with antifouling paint, that paint must be removed and any imperfections should be filled and faired accordingly. After this stage has been completed, the hull must be coated with an Epoxy primer and be allowed to cure as per the manufacturers specifications.

Your applicator can then start the Finsulate application.

On hulls where no antifouling paint is present Finsulate can be applied directly on to the gelcoat or aluminium if required.

Antifouling Application

As previously stated, Finsulate is applied by our team of very experienced professionals. Once the Finsulate application is completed, you can return your boat to the water right away. Having said that, Finsulate is not affected by being out of the water so you can complete all your other work without worrying about specific time frames.

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We are official distributors of Finsulate in New Zealand

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