Irvine Flooring has 30 years proven experience in the New Zealand flooring market and have specialist carpets and floor coverings designed specifically for the marine industry. The Parker Marine Group stand by their products, and pride ourselves on the innovation and quality that we are able to bring to the marine market every day.

New styles, designs, constructions and colours are continually being added to an already impressive range. This is complemented by our in-house designers whose striking creations bring to life brands and create unique marine environments.

The Parker Marine Group’s innovative attitude, technical excellence, and ground-breaking products are backed by a willingness to work closely with our clients locally and internationally.

We’re ready to respond to your needs around the country.

We have substantial stock available, which means your requirements can be addressed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Parker Marine Group are committed to environmental sustainability, making a conscious effort to support flooring companies that have their own comprehensive environmental policies.

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