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Inflatable Sea Pool

Look what we have here, yet another innovative New Zealand manufactured product to provide you with FUN in the SUN...


Add the FANTASTIC Inflatable Sea Pool to your boat’s equipment and provide a safe and secure swimming playground for kids, off the stern of your boat. Never worry that they might drift off without being seen.

We all hear about safety at sea...but let's add safety while swimming at sea.


With inflatable sides and ends to hold on to and a fine mesh enclosing the entire swim area, preventing any unwanted guests from visiting, there will be no more chasing boogie boards or other swim toys all over the ocean, or diving for things that have sunk.


Everything is kept safe and secure within the Inflatable Sea pool.


No longer are these pools the exclusive playground for the rich and famous and the Superyacht fraternity, our innovative design process and custom manufacturing abilities, mean that we can provide an inflatable solution that will be the "Perfect Fit" for your boat, big or small.


If you're looking for a customised swim area for your launch or yacht, contact us and we'll create a Inflatable Sea Pool to be uniquely yours, in a size and colour that will attract attention and make you the envy of everyone around you.


We can also BRAND your Sea Pool with your company logo and the flags on the outer corners of the Sea Cage can also be used to fly your company colours.

The options are endless. "If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It"

Swimsafe Sea Pool for boats in new zealand
Swin Safe-Sea Pool

We are official distributors of Inflatable Sea Pool in New Zealand

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