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Parker Marine Group now bring you Jotun coatings for both the Leisure and Commercial Markets.

With a long history in the leisure yacht industry, Jotun is dedicated to offer professionals and do-it-yourself users high performing products to provide a brilliant finish and make boat care easy. Explore our wide product range from test-winning antifouling to primers, fillers, topcoats and boat care that will make any boat owner proud of his boat.   
The Parker Marine Group can offer much more than just the paint for your project, with a combination of enthusiasm, creativity and commitment, that is unrivalled in the leisure marine market. We can put you in touch with one of our applicators nationwide so they can provide you with the best solution for your vessel, whether you paint your boat yourself or you choose to have them apply the coating for you. 

The current range includes, but is not limited to:

SeaSafe Ultra

Combating of fouling on Aluminium vessels is a constant battle often in the warmer and more nutrient rich environments of our North.

SEASAFE ULTRA gives the best possible protection for your vessel in these challenging conditions and its record is second to none. Selected as the No 1 choice by some of the largest Aluminium fleets in Australia, SEASAFE ULTRA has a proven track record over a long period of time…

Shouldn’t you be using SEASAFE ULTRA?

Product description

This is a one component acrylic, hydrolysing antifouling coating based on ion exchange technology. It provides very good fouling protection. This is achieved through self polishing characteristics reducing hull deterioration. Suitable on approved primers and tie coats on aluminium, carbon steel and timber substrates.



SeaVictor 50 and SeaVictor 40

Typical use

Recommended for new applications as well as maintenance. Designed for both motor cruisers and sailing vessels in a wide range of speeds with medium - high activity. The product may be suitable for use for long service periods up to 36 months as a part of a complete coating system. Suitable on approved primers and tie coats on FIBREGLASS, TIMBER or STEEL.


SeaQuantum X200

The latest development in tin-free, high performance, ultra low friction self-polishing antifouling, based on the latest development in hydrolysing silyl methacrylate copolymers. By combining outstanding life-time performance with excellent application properties and state-of-the-art technical service, SeaQuantum X200 and our Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) is one of the most attractive investments on the market today.

SeaQuantum S Line

A self-polishing, outstanding low friction antifouling based on 3rd generation silyl acrylate technology.

SeaQuantum Ultra S

The ultimate fuel saver for low activity and slow steaming.

SeaQuantum Classic S

The ultimate fuel saver for medium activity vessels.

SeaQuantum Plus S

The ultimate fuel saver for high speed activity vessel

Jotun Coatings in New Zealand

We are Official Resellers of Jotun in New Zealand

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