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Hardwearing Durable Plaswelded Eco-friendly

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is known for its high strength-to-density ratio which makes it extremely well suited to all forms of marine applications.

Our new range of Parker Hardtops, constructed in HDPE, have a similar weight to aluminium and yet they come with all the additional benefits of tough HDPE.

Tophat Hardtops fibregrass for boats in new zealand
Tophat Hardtops fibregrass for boats in new zealand

HDPE offers significant advantages over other types of materials.

  • HDPE is more corrosion resistant than aluminium or steel and naturally inhibits the growth of certain organisms.

  • HDPE has very high impact resistance and is both tough and flexible thanks to its elastic properties.

  • HDPE resin uses significantly less energy to manufacture when compared to other materials

  • HDPE comes in a wide range of colour options, all of which are UV stable.

  • HDPE has a very low carbon footprint that is 3 x lower than compacted clay and 5 x lower than aluminium.

  • HDPE is 100% recyclable.

Parker Hardtops

There are no constraints

We will work with you to incorporate everything you want into your personalised custom made HDPE hardtop.

Call us today and get your project started.

No more having to make an off the shelf fibreglass hardtop fit your boat!

You are in complete control. You choose the colour, the size and shape and any other custom features like VHF/Stereo boxes,  integrated speakers, mounting points for solar panels, etc, etc.

The Hardtops are built from 12mm sheet and therefore can be drilled and tapped for your attachments and all your tracks for the clears and covers can be securely attached without the addition of timber.

Parker Hardtops

We are official manufacturers and distributors of Parker Hardtops in New Zealand

Contact us to get a quote

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