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New Zealand Marine Distribution Limited Distributor NZ

Are looking for Commission Sales Agents Nationwide in New Zealand and Australia?

You may already be working in the marine industry as a Boat Broker, Boat Builder, Boat Painter, Marine Electrician, Marine Refrigeration Technician, Boatyard or Slipway worker, you might even live aboard your own vessel in a local marina.


We are looking for people who love boats and love talking about them to anyone who'll

People working or living, in and around boats are ideally suited to become commission sales agents because you are, as we say, "in the right place at the right time"

We all know how the conversations go....You are chatting to Joe who has a problem with his watermaker and you know that NZMDL have two brands of watermaker available. CJD Watermakers and US Watermakers. Obviously this is an opportunity to make the sale and grab the commission for that sale.

It really is that simple.

It could be anything we sell as shown on our website, if you make the sale, you get the commission for that sale.

This is potentially a great add on for anyone already living or working in New Zealand's or Australia's marine industry.

Come on, give us a call and join our Nationwide teams.

Phone or Email Mike on 0275 504140 or

New Zealand Marine Distribution Limited Distributor NZ

Coatings Applicators Wanted

Due to huge interest in our propeller and running gear coating "PellerMax" we require coatings applicators right
across New Zealand.

These positions would suit people who are already in the marine industry, either working in a boat yard or
performing valet work on boats or of course existing marine painters.

Having said that, no real marine industry experience is required, as you will be trained to apply this coating correctly
and you will be certified to do so by completing our coatings accreditation program.

We also have a number of other coatings available which you would also be trained to apply.
Coatings like Copper Coat, The Protective Coatings range of products and the biggest selling marine brand, Jotun.

If you have an interest in boats and the marine industry, please contact Mike Parker, managing director of the
Parker Marine Group and let's talk about getting you started in this amazing industry.

Phone Mike on 0275504140 or email him at

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