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Morey's Lubrication Systems

The Parker Marine Group have now been appointed as Authorised Dealers for Morey Oil South Pacific Ltd. Morey's manufacture and distribute their top quality lubricants via their dealer network and we are extremely happy to form this association with them.

Morey Oil South Pacific Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company based in Auckland. The company specialise in high quality lubricants, which include Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, the renowned Diesel Smoke Killer & Injector Cleaner, And the incredible Red i Marine Grease.

These are but three of the wonderful products from Morey's and we highly recommend there use to all boat owners.

Morey's Lubrication Systems Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in New Zealand
Morey's lubrication systems Red-i Marine Grease in New Zealand
Morey's Diesel Smoke Killer in New Zealand
Logo Morey's Lubrication System in New Zealand

We are official distributors of Morey's Lubrication System in New Zealand

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