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Edward William Marine Insurance


 Announce their collaboration with

Getting your vessel insured in New Zealand has become ridiculously hard, and if your vessel is kept on a swing mooring, it’s almost impossible.

This situation is not only frustrating, it puts a lot of boat owners in a position where the insurer insists on a full out of the water survey before even considering providing cover, but the vessel cannot haulout for a survey because the boat yard will not lift the vessel without insurance.

Catch 22??

Yes, it is, and being a boat owner himself, the CEO of PMG, Mike, saw the need to try and remedy what is affecting many boat owners and he reached out to a Florida based insurer who is leading the way forward in this arena.

They specialise in marine insurance for pleasure craft, and their current limit on cover is $7,500,000 USD.

They offer coverage for a wide variety of vessels from Launches, Yachts, Classic boats, Vintage boats, Air boats, Houseboats, Catamarans, Trimarans and even Racing vessels will also be considered.

Click the link below to fill out your application for cover on your vessel, be it Third Party or Comprehensive cover.

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