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Reduce your carbon keel-print with smarter, greener, more efficient renewable energy systems!
Get more power and better efficiency!!!
Join the renewable energy REVOLUTION!!!


Parker Marine Group brings you clean, green, renewable energy systems direct from New Zealand to wherever you are in the world.

Parker Marine Group always seeks out the best of the best in regard to all the products they supply and Renewable energy products are no different.
They must meet our exacting standards for quality, durability and efficiency or we will not put our name to them. 

Parker Marine Group know how important it is to keep run time on your engine or generator to a minimum. Being able to incorporate renewable energy resources, along with high output alternators where you can, will help cut down your overall run time. Less run time means less diesel, fewer oil changes and less wear and tear – which all adds up to significant cost savings.

Parker Marine Group renewable energy systems provide a two-year return on investment, so any set-up costs for renewable systems are saved in running efficiencies within the first two years. After that it’s more money in the bank to enjoy the places that you dream of going.


Parker Marine Group has these systems on a boat, so you can come and see them first hand – not just in a box or on the shelf, but fully up and running. And it also means we can give you honest feedback on their functions, reliability and value for money.
This boat uses two D400 Wind Generators, three 165 watt Solar Panels, a Blue Sky Solar Boost system, large lithium ion battery bank, OGM LED Lighting to conserve power, Balmar high output alternators with smart regulators and large battery chargers, for those times when you do have to start the Gen-Set.
The renewable energy resources currently on board conserve fuel, extend the life of the vessels batteries, and allow the owners to live at anchor comfortably, wherever they are in the world. Using the natural resources of wind and solar power for your on-board energy system will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and ensure you get everything you can out of your batteries. That means you save money, as well as helping to sustain the planet for future generations.
With top quality renewable energy equipment available, expert advice and professional installation, Parker Marine Group is your one-stop- shop for smarter green energy systems. We’ll help you get the most from your on-board and land-based DC power systems – whether you’re off-grid or grid-tied.

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  • Solar and Wind Power

  • Alternators and Regulators

  • Inverters and Charges

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Battery Management Systems

  • LED Lighting

  • Hybrid Propulsion

  • Navigation and Communication

  • Energy System Design

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