Stainless Worx member of PMG in New Zealand

Stainless Worx

Stainless Worx member of PMG in New Zealand

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Hi there, I'm Tony Genefaas and I own and operate Stainless Worx. I have been working in the Stainless-Steel Fabrication Industry for more than 30 years. Previous contracts have seen me involved in the construction of some large Industrial Builds, including Dairy Factories, Navy Marine Refurbishments and Commercial and Residential Properties.

Working within the marine industry has been my passion for some years now and when Mike offered me the opportunity to work with the PMG team, I jumped at it. My work can involve customizing outriggers- rod holders- bait stations- solar panel fit ups- fuel and water tanks, and much, much more. I take real pride in my work and take care to manufacture exactly what you want.

I am also happy to assist with custom design work before the manufacturing stage, so we can get the look just the way you want it. I’m looking forward to working with Parker Marine Group, because their reputation for excellence continues to grow each year and I want to be part of that.