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Vital Signs member of PMG in New Zealand

Vital Signs

Vital Signs member of PMG in New Zealand

Mike and all the Parker Marine Group member companies, welcome Vital Signs aboard.

Vital Signs is locally owned and operated and was established in 2007 and has quickly become the premier sign company in Northland with many clients such as Fire and Emergency NZ, Lionco, Northtec and QMS NZ  just to name a few and Mike says:

"We are all really excited to have them join our team of highly skilled professionals, allowing us to deliver even more services to the ever growing marine sector in New Zealand".

The Parker Marine Group, now have the experts onboard and are able to supply and apply vinyl boat wraps above the waterline and the designs are endless. Customise the look of your hull with any design you can think of. Our team at Vital Signs will make it happen.

The "FANTASTIC" addition of Vital Signs to the Parker Marine Group means that we can now apply MacGlide Foul Release wrap to your hull below the waterline.

MacGlide is as an alternative to traditional antifouling paint.

MacGlide is an innovation brought about by the collaboration of the two Global leaders in Foul Release Wrap technology.

MACTAC and PPG joined forces to create this innovative and non-polluting alternative to conventional anti-fouling. High performance MacGlide adhesive film is good for your boat, cost effective and environmentally friendly, with zero VOC's and Biocides, keeping our oceans and harbours clean.

MacGlide film has a 5 year warranty and provides fuel savings of 5-6% and can increase sailing speed by

4-5% dependent on the design of your hull.

MacGlide provides unmatched ease of maintenance, therefore reducing costs.

MacGlide film does not erode in water and movement of micro-organisms from one area to another is made less likely by the excellent anti-fouling performance of MacGlide film.

MacGlide is impermeable to water, which reduces the likelihood of osmosis and ensures lower hull moisture content than conventional anti-fouling paint solutions.

Vital Signs are your "WRAP SPECIALISTS", both above and below the waterline of your vessel.

Don't forget though, that any other sign or wrap requirement you have, can be done by the team at Vital Signs. "If you can dream it, we can do it"

Ben Knight, the Director of Vital Signs, says:

"Our team at Vital signs have a wealth of VINYL WRAP knowledge and experience, allowing us to make your boat, car, motorbike, campervan, or business stand out from the crowd and we are really excited to bring our expertise to all the Parker Marine Group members and their clients".

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