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Established in 1986, Baileys Insurance is 100% kiwi owned and operated. We are on the boat owners side, not the insurers and it’s our job to get you the best cover at the best price. 


We also look after you at claims time, which is after all what you are buying cover for and we work very hard to ensure you get everything you are entitled to under your policy.  Having Baileys working alongside you, will give you piece of mind, were ever to lodge a claim. 


The attitude of some Insurers differs – some look for ways to pay a claim, others look for a ways not to. 


Remember the Insurer is holding the purse strings, so they are looking for ways to minimise what they pay out. 


Contrast this with dealing with a specialist insurance broker, one that knows the right people, knows how to get things done and has a bit of “nous” when it comes to legal issues and contracts of insurance.  An insurance broker is on your side, and if a claim arises they are looking to maximise your claim entitlements, not minimise them. 

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