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1976 Sparkman & Stephens APLA



1976 Sparkman & Stephens APLA


The Sparkman & Stephens designed ALPA 11.5m sailboat, built in 1976, is a classic cruiser

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The Sparkman & Stephens designed ALPA 11.5m sailboat, built in 1976, is a classic cruiser known for its graceful lines and seaworthiness. The ALPA 11.5m was designed by the renowned naval architecture firm Sparkman & Stephens, known for their elegant and efficient designs. The boat typically features a sleek and classic profile with moderate overhangs and a graceful sheer line. Most likely constructed using traditional methods of fiberglass construction prevalent during that era, with a reinforced hull and deck for durability and seaworthiness. The sail plan of the ALPA 11.5m typically includes a sloop rig configuration with a main sail and a headsail (genoa or jib). This setup provides versatility and ease of handling for both cruising and racing. Below deck, the ALPA 11.5m likely offers comfortable accommodations suitable for extended cruising or weekend getaways. This might include a forward cabin, main saloon with seating and dining area, galley (kitchen), head (bathroom), and possibly additional berths for guests. While not necessarily designed for racing, the ALPA 11.5m likely offers good performance under sail, thanks to its efficient hull shape and well-balanced design. It should handle a variety of sea conditions with stability and agility. The deck layout of the ALPA 11.5m probably features a spacious cockpit for comfortable sailing and socializing, with ergonomic cockpit seating and easily accessible sail controls. The deck hardware such as winches, cleats, and tracks are likely strategically placed for efficient sail handling.

Being designed in the mid-1970s, the ALPA 11.5m may embody classic design elements typical of sailboats from that era, such as teak trim, bronze hardware, and a traditional interior layout with wood finishes. Sparkman & Stephens designs are known for their seaworthiness, and the ALPA 11.5m should be no exception. Its sturdy construction and well-balanced design should inspire confidence in offshore passages or coastal cruising.

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