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Logan 27ft Gaff Rigger



Logan 27ft Gaff Rigger


This boat was built by the Logan brothers in Auckland in 1908

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This boat was built by the Logan brothers in Auckland. She’s a 25ft Kauri Carvel design that was custom built for the foster family of Kiriti Bay just south of Coromandel township. She was launched as the Avon, that translates to the little river in old English. 1908 was built as a sistership to the Rewa that is exhibited at the Auckland Maritime Museum. Both boats are considered Coastal Trader boats. Before the construction of roads, goods were transported on water to ports and harbours around the coastline. The Foster family used it to carry the family to Auckland, often accompanying the much larger vessel Rewa that carried bales of wool for the Auckland markets. She has a solid keel and was built in the style of the famous Auckland mullet boats. In the 90’s the cabin was replaced, providing more space and comfort. More recently, in 2021, the inboard was replaced by a new Honda 10hp outboard. This allowed the cabin to be reconfigured and now boasts comfortable twin bunks. She is gaff rigged and comes with 3 sails.

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