Heatport Diesel Heaters

Parker Marine Group are proud to be selected as suppliers and installers of HEATPORT Diesel Heaters.


Unlike many others who import finished diesel heater kits from overseas,  HEATPORT is the only company in New Zealand who actually assemble both the installation kits and the actual heating units here in

New Zealand.


HEATPORT, import carefully selected  individual components for their  heaters and this strategy allows them to have total control over the quality of the finished product and for us here at Parker Marine Group, that means we can trust the product we sell is of the highest quality.


Thanks to HEATPORTS careful selection of suppliers and manufacturers, their own assembly and QA systems and their detailed documentation, they have created a high quality, low cost diesel heater, for those that want a quality product at a very reasonable price.


YES!! There are identical looking diesel heaters on the New Zealand market.

These are replicas of the Eberspächer Airtronic D2 / D4 which was engineered in Germany.

These cheap copies have tantalizing retail prices, but please don't be fooled.

A genuine Eberspächer Airtronic D4 unit, ex Germany, would retail for $3500 here in NZ.


Give us a call for more information on our HEATPORT range.

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We are official distributors of Heatport in New Zealand

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