Parker Marine Brokers member of PMG in New Zealand

Parker Marine Brokers

Parker Marine Brokers member of PMG in New Zealand

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Parker Marine Brokers is a Whangarei based boat brokerage providing a customer focused approach to selling or purchasing a vessel.

Parker Marine Brokers understand that buying or selling a boat can be a lengthy process. We know that if you're buying a boat, there are many pro's and con's to consider and every single boat will see the prospective purchaser make small compromises on perfection.

If you're selling a boat, then these pro's and con's will more than likely form part of the negotiation process between you and the purchaser.

Parker Marine Brokers is part of the Parker Marine Group and is therefore able to draw on the years of experience within that group. No issue is too small and none are too big, we are skilled negotiators and our sole focus is on ensuring both parties have a fantastic experience.

You will always feel respected and acknowledged.

Parker Marine Brokers also work closely with City of Sails Marine Brokers in Auckland and NZ Boat Sales in Nelson. This collaboration allows us to provide you with very real Nationwide sales coverage for your vessel when you're selling.