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Pro tech Marine Coatings member of PMG in New Zealand

Pro tech Marine Coatings

Pro tech Marine Coatings member of PMG in New Zealand

Pro Tech Marine Coatings was started to provide a "COMPLETE FOCUS" on marine coatings.

New and innovative marine coatings are being brought to market on an almost weekly basis.

These new products enter the market place making big promises and some are very short lived. Unfortunately, the damage some of these products can do, is not.

Pro Tech Marine Coatings knows this only too well and has had its own share of coatings nightmares, however these experiences have been lessons well learned and they have now cemented a rigorous due diligence process firmly in place.

Each and every product that Pro Tech Marine Coatings supply, or bring to market, have been thoroughly tested and subjected to rigorous testing regimes.

As the boat owner or Captain you can be assured that when you purchase a product from Pro Tech Marine Coatings, it will do what it says it will do on the box and you should also know that we hold as our truth the Parker Marine Group's "Golden Rule" of respect and acknowledgement.

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