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Removing Old, Tired, Antifouling Paint

Removing old worn out antifouling is probably the most disliked maintenance job you will ever have to do on your boat.

I know that when I have done it, it has been tedious, dirty, dusty and arm tiring and personally, I hate the job with a vengence.

Traditionally it has been done by using either Linbide scrapers or random orbital sanders and now with the Health and Safety Police out there, the sanders have to be used with some sort of vacuum to suck up most of the dust. It is a good thing, but it does add additional weight to the sander when holding it against the hull of your boat.

Of course, if you can afford it, you could have this job performed by a boat yard contractor and let them clean the antifoul out of their orifices for the next week.

But wait, there is a better way and new Parker Marine Group member, Aquamax, could be the answer.

Aquamax use only high pressure water to remove the antifoul, back to the epoxy layer.

The control over the water pressure is such that they can accurately and precisely remove just the layers of paint you want removed.

This job is performed in an area where all the waste water is collected and can be taken away for safe disposal.

I worked with Aquamax on a project in Wellington.

We had to remove a foul release coating back to the epoxy on a fibreglass yacht.

I was so impressed with the process and the amount of control the operator had during the entire process, that I invited Aquamax to become a Parker Marine Group member.

So if you need your old antifouling removed, or even if you need all the coatings removed to start afresh, contact us and we'll get Aquamax on the job for you.

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